Buying Sunglasses for Yourself

Here’s a fact- over $2.5 million was spent in USA alone to purchase 270 million sunglasses. You might be a traffic cop, a student, a banker, or a biker, but those cool shades have become a part of you. Often times, sunglasses are bought because they look ‘cool’. With brands like Bausch & Lomb, Vuarnet, Oakley, Killy, Hobie, Serengeti and many more, offering sunglasses in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs… who can blame you? The trend has caught on and it looks like it is here to stay.

In all seriousness, sunglasses should be bought with the aim of protecting your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. When sunlight that is reflected of snow or sand hits your eyes you could get a case of ‘snow blindness’. In worse case scenarios, ultraviolet radiation can cause permanent retina damage and cataracts. UV rays can affect you even when you are not standing in broad daylight. These rays can come through even on a cloudy day. People who have a history of cataracts and retinal dystrophies should be extra careful to use suitable sunglasses.

Different people buy different sunglasses depending on their occupation, style, gender and general fancy. For example, people involved in high-impact sports may opt for the Polycarbonate lens, which does not shatter easily. Polarized sunglasses are chosen for those who love water sports because it takes care of the glare factor. Mirrored glasses are also a hot favorite for people skiing the slopes or swimming.

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Ladies Designer Sunglasses

For ladies, designer sunglasses can be one of the most versatile and essential accessories in their wardrobe. Not only are sunglasses fun and funky, they also provide an extra splash of allure and elegance to any outfit. Not to mention the fact that they protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Ladies designer sunglasses come in so many shapes and styles, colors and prints, having just one pair might be a stretch because there are so many to choose from. Sunglasses should be like your little black dress, always ready to wear, always on hand for any occasion or outfit.

Sun glasses have actually in essence been around for ages. The people of Ancient china used to wear disks of smoky quartz to protect their eyes. Emperor Nero of Rome used emeralds. However it wasn’t until the 1900’s that sunglasses really became a fashion item.

Trends have dictated the shapes of frames over the years but one fact remains, different they may be, sunglasses are standing the test of time because they are not only an accessory but a necessity. With global warming and out ozone layer giving less and less protection over time, if you are going to be out under the sun then sunglasses should be at the top of your to bring list.

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Optical Protection at Its Best With Ray-Ban Sunglasses

It has been over 70 years since Ray-Ban sunglasses went into production with their quality sunglasses, beginning as official sunglasses for US Army fighter pilots to now being one of the most iconic brand style of sunglasses in the entire world.

The Ray-Ban sunglasses brand has always tried to offer the most technologically advanced lenses that will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun and today their advancements even let them do far more with these popular sunglasses.

They have come a long way since being pilot glasses and offer their customers a vast variety of styles and materials that their sunglasses can be made in. Some of the collections are listed below.

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Festivals With Affordable Designer Sunglasses

So many special occasions and so many people to gift… It’s obvious that one would run out of ideas when it comes to gifting those special ones, but then anything unique might also do the trick! Designer Sunglasses among other things could well do the trick if gifting something unique and a little useful is on your mind!

The first festival being Halloween Day, one must really come up with some interesting ideas to make the Halloween even more special and memorable. Designer Sunglasses are extremely in vogue these days with people gifting Armani’s and Gucci’s to their near and dear ones. There are special discounts on all Giorgio Armani Sunglasses. We offer flat 5% discount on all Giorgio Armani Sunglasses that are otherwise quite exorbitant for your affordability. These sunglasses are must have’s for the fashionistas. They compliment every look.

November 21st being the National Hello Day, USA celebrates the special day with as much aplomb as the rest of the festivals in the USA. Gifting Oakley sunglasses can suit the occasion well. We offer additional 5% discount on all sunglasses. For those wanting to save a lot of money for Christmas can avail of these special discounts. Hello Day being the special occasion for greeting random people, this also serves to be the ideal occasion for taking the relationships to another level altogether by gifting special people. Designer Sunglasses having become the ‘it’ thing in all over the world ,with more and more people seen to be queuing outside high end stores for purchasing Oakley sunglasses, Giorgio Armani Sunglasses or goggles.

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Caring For Your New Oakley Sunglasses

Investing in a pair of new Oakley sunglasses can put quite a dent in your pocket book, but these fabulous shades are well made and have the potential to last years.

Ensuring you properly care for your glasses will allow you to enjoy using these cool shades for years to come, and avoid any steep replacement fees incurred by buying additional pairs of glasses.

For whatever reasons you purchased your new Oakley sunglasses , taking the proper care of the lenses and frames will ensure they will last and be of use.

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